Ayurveda  Day


Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India, New Delhi.

2nd AYURVEDA DAY, 17 October 2017

Theme: Pain Management Through Ayurveda


Select original research and review articles focusing on Pain management in Ayurveda and Related Sciences.

1       A bacteriurial effect of Varunaasigrughanavati in Urinary Tract Infection – A clinical study.PDF
   [ARPID: 12923] Clinical Research
2       A case - history of sciatica (Gridhrasee).PDF
   [ARPID: 18542] Clinical Research
3       A case discussion on sciatica.PDFOpen Acess
   [ARPID: 24019] Clinical Research
4       A clinical approach on Sandhivata (O.A.) with Citrullus colocynthis compound.PDF
   [ARPID: 7071] Clinical Research
5       A clinical evaluation of agnikarma in Sandhigata vata w.s.r. to Cervical spondylosis.PDF
   [ARPID: 7505] Clinical Research
6       A clinical evaluation of Rasnadi guggulu & katibasti in katishool (w.s.r. to lumbo-sacral disorders).PDF
   [ARPID: 2885] Clinical Research
7       A Clinical study of Kokilaksha ksheervasti in Rheumatoid Arthritis w.r.t. Vatashonita.PDFOpen Acess
   [ARPID: 96746] Clinical Research
8       A clinical study of kriyakalpa to assess its therapeutic efficacy in disease Abhisyanda.PDF
   [ARPID: 18534] Clinical Research
9       A clinical study of kriyakalpa to assess its therapeutic efficacy in diseases of eye with special reference to Abhishyanda (Conjunctivitis).PDF
   [ARPID: 18533] Clinical Research
10       A clinical study of matra basti & kati basti in the manegement of Gridhrasi w.s.r.to sciatica.PDF
   [ARPID: 17779] Clinical Research
11       A clinical study of matra vasti and an Ayurvedic indigenous compound drug in the management of Sandhigatavata (Osteoarthritis).PDFOpen Acess
   [ARPID: 7176] Clinical Research
12       A clinical study of Nirgundi ghana vati and matra basti in the management of Gridhrasi with special reference to sciatica.PDFOpen Acess
   [ARPID: 9369] Clinical Research
13       A clinical study of Parinamasula and its treatment with Satavari (Asparagus racemosus Willd.).PDF
   [ARPID: 12191] Clinical Research
14       A clinical study on Ayurvedic management of chronic daily headache with special reference to sirodhara and sirovirecana.PDF
   [ARPID: 7212] Clinical Research
15       A clinical study on Gridhrasi (sciatica) and its management with Nirgundi.PDF
   [ARPID: 7142] Clinical Research
16       A clinical study on the effect of Punarnavadi churna, Singhanada guggulu in the management of Amavata (Rheumatiod Arthritis).PDFOpen Access
   [ARPID: 22163] Clinical Research
17       A clinical study on the effect of Rasanjana (extract of Berberis aristata) eye drops in treatment of Netra abhishyanda (Infective conjunctivitis).PDFOpen Acess
   [ARPID: 22438] Clinical Research
18       A clinical study on the effect of Sunthi, Guggulu and Godanti on Amavata (Rheumatiod Arthritis).PDF
   [ARPID: 2558] Clinical Research
19       A clinical study on the efficacy of Satavareemandooram in Parinamasoola vis a vis Peptic ulcer.PDF
   [ARPID: 12819] Clinical Research
20       A Clinical study on the efficacy of Vaishvanar churna in cases of Amavata.PDF
   [ARPID: 2560] Clinical Research