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164818TRANSLATION OF TRADITIONAL KNOWLEDGE FROM LAB TO LAYMAN FROM HERBAL SOURCES.Herbal Medicine in India pp 599-608.1.M. Kannan 2.P. Sathiyarajeswaran 3.M. S. Shree Devi.
164817REVIEW OF SIDDHA SASTRIC FORMULATION KARASOODA SATHU PARPAM METHOD I, A HERBOMINERAL DRUG IN THE MANAGEMENT OF KALLADAIPPU World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research|Year 2020|Volume 9| Issue 7|Pages: 697-711.1.P. Sharmila, 2.H. Vetha Merlin Kumari , 3.S. Mohan 4. Meenakumari R.
164816SIDDHA, AN INDIGENOUS MEDICAL SYSTEM OF PENINSULAR INDIA.Herbal Medicine in India pp 9-21.1.Subramani Parasuraman Pandurangan Perumal.
164814PHYSIOCHEMICAL AND ACUTE TOXICITY ANALYSIS OF A SIDDHA HERBO-MINERAL FORMULATION PACHAI KARPOORA VADAGAM Research J. Pharm. and Tech| 2019| Volume 12|Issue 1|Pages : 227-230| doi: 10.5958/0974-360X.2019.00042.8Dr. Shunmugaram S
164813REVIEW ON KALLADAIPPU.Ijppr.Human|Year 2016| Vol. 7|Issue 2|Pages: 86-96.1.P.Thenmozhi , 2. M. Kannan , 3. P. Sathiyarajeswaran.
164812PHYSICO-CHEMICAL ANALYSIS OF KANAKALINGA KARPURATHY MEZHUGU A SIDDHA HERBO MINERAL COMPOUNDInt. J. of Pharmacy and Analytical Research |Vol-6|ISSUE 2| 2017 |PAGES 315-326.1.V. Elango, J.Jeya venkatesh
164811MORBIDITY PROFILE OF PATIENTS ATTENDING OPD OF SIDDHA REGIONAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE, PUDUCHERRY.J Res Sid Med|Year 2018|Volume 1|Issue 1|Pages: 33-40.1.A Rajendra Kumar, R Rathinamala , Gayathri Gunalan, 2.NJ Muthukumar.
164809OVERVIEW ON SELECTED MEDICINAL PLANTS USED IN THE MANAGEMENT OF UROLITHIASISWORLD JOURNAL OF PHARMACY AND PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES|Year 2016|Volume 5|Issue 10|Pages: 280-294.1.P. Thenmozhi , 2. S. Prasanna Saravana Guru , 3. M. Kannan , 4. P. Sathiyarajeswaran
164808MERCURY TOXICITY AND ITS EARLIER FOOTPRINTS IN SIDDHA SYSTEM OF MEDICINE ANALOGOUS TO PHARMACOVIGILANCE.Journal of Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety |Volume 16 | Issue 2 (Special Issue) | July December 2019.1.Kamalasoundaram.P 2.Kannan.M 3.Sathiyarajeswaran. P
164807OVERVIEW ON SELECTED MEDICINAL PLANTS USED IN THE MANAGEMENT OF DIABETES MELLITUSWORLD JOURNAL OF PHARMACY AND PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES|Year 2016|Volume 5| Issue 10|Pages:391-4001.P. Thenmozhi , 2.S. Prasanna Saravana Guru , 3. M. Kannan, 4.P. Sathiyarajeswaran
164806FASTING - A MEDICO HISTORICAL OVERVIEW.International Refereed Journal of Reviews and Research Volume 2 Issue 1 January-February 2014.1.S. Natarajan 2.M. Kannan P. Sathiyarajeswaran, K. Gopakumar 3.S. Jega Jothi Pandian, 4.R.S. Ramaswamy
164805DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT OF CANCER SIDDHA PERSPECTIVE.J Res Sid Med|Year 2018|Volume 1|Issue 1|Pages: 3-14.GS Lekha, S Aparna, N Kasirajan, A Kanagarajan.
164804GC-MS, FT-IR ANALYSIS AND ANTI BACTERIAL STUDY OF BIOACTIVE COMPOUNDS OF CHUNDAIVATTRAL CHOORANAM - A SIDDHA POLY HERBAL FORMULATIONInt.J. PharmTech Res|2015|Volume 8|Issue 10|pp 204-209.1.Shree Devi M.S , S athiyaRajeswaran P , Kannan M , 2.Mohanasrinivasan. V , Subathra Devi.C , Jemimah Naine.S , Vaishnavi.B
164803CLASSIFICATION OF 4448 DISEASES IN SIDDHA SYSTEM OF MEDICINE A REVIEW.JOCAMR|Year 2020|Volume 9|Issue 2|Pages: 46-54.Rakulini Raveendran.
164802EVIDENCE BASED SIDDHA MEDICAL MANAGEMENT OF DENGUEhttp://www.webmedcentral.com on 22-May-2014|04:00:02 AM |Article ID: WMC0038081.Dr. Parameswaran Sathiyarajeswaran, 2.Dr. Natarajan Shanmugasundaram, 3.Dr. Muthiah Kannan, 4.Dr. S Jega Jothi Pandian,
164801ANTIDOTES FOR POISONOUS FOOD SUBSTANCES.Journal of Pharmacy Research|Year 2012|Volume 5|Issue 3|Pages:1432-1434.Rajalakshmi.P
164800A COMPREHENSIVE REVIEW ON MEDICINALLY IMPORTANT GYMNOSPERMS MENTIONED IN SIDDHAJ Res Sid Med|Year 2018|Volume 1|Issue 1|Pages: 23-32.P Radha, C Udhayavani, R Nagaraj
164799IN VITRO ANTHELMINTIC ACTIVITY OF ACHYRANTHES ASPERA LINN. WHOLE PLANT AGAINST PHERETIMA POSTHUMAJ Res Sid Med|Year 2018|Volume 1|Issue 1|Pages: 68-71.Esther J, Sangeetha N, Balabhaskar R, 1.Gayathri Gunalan
164798EXPLORING THE ANTI-CHOLESTEROL ACTIVITY OF A POLY-HERBAL SIDDHA FORMULATIONSiddha Papers 2018 (13)(1) V. S. Nandini, C. Samuel Justin Raj, K. Swathi G. Sabari devi, S. Merish, Thomas M Walter